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Running a business already takes a lot of time and effort. It’s your opportunity to make a mark, to build something you’re passionate about. But to make it a success, marketing is vital! But more often than not for smaller businesses, it takes a back seat, and for larger businesses, it can be just an afterthought.


At Interventus, we help businesses through social media marketing. We become their creative marketing partner, offering professional, creative marketing services at a competitive price.

Social media has changed the way businesses market themselves to their customers. It’s created opportunities that a lot of businesses never previously had.

However, agencies are selling their social media offerings at prices many companies can't afford. This results in larger organizations with bigger pockets having the upper hand.

Here at Interventus, we want to change this. We believe in helping businesses, and feel there’s a better way to do this!

For small companies prices start from just £195 per month, we’ll create expert content for your social media channels and ensure they're posted at the times that will see the best engagement. In addition, we'll throw in £30 worth of ad spend a month when you sign up to the Premium package, to show you how powerful social media marketing can be. We'll push your top performing post on your behalf. 

We’re made up of a team of social media and marketing experts who have been active in this space for over 11 years. Now we’re bringing this experience to all businesses at an affordable price.

Whether you want clicks to your website, more exposure, or to generate sales, Interventus has got you covered.

You look after your business; we’ll look after your social media.


Tony Harding

Tony Harding

Tony has been helping businesses, large and small, with their social media marketing for 11 years.

He has spent his time building strategies in top London agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Fleishman Hillard, Golin, Cohn & Wolfe, Shine Communications to name just a few.

During his career, he was continually frustrated at not being able to offer social media marketing to all business regardless of there size; as not all companies have the budgets that large agencies quote. This is why he co-founded Interventus.

Utilising his relationships with key partners in the social media space, Tony has been able to provide a low cost offering to ensure businesses receive top quality social media content for their channels. Too much time is invested by agencies in securing the ‘big win’. Putting all their resource and know-how into pitching for big budget clients, making a name for themselves. We’re different. We provide cost effective solutions to small business marketing needs, but we don’t scrimp on quality.

Aside from helping small businesses grow, in his spare time, Tony loves to keep fit through mountain biking in the English countryside and also can’t resist taking part in Zombie experiences… seriously, he has a very weird love of the undead.

Anthony Rosier

Anthony Rosier

Anthony has spent 20 years in marketing, working for many large companies including being the CEO of EU Capital bank plc. At just 25 years of age, Anthony was the youngest ever Chairman for a football club,. He was Chairman of Edgware Town Football Club back in 2002.

During his career, Anthony has helped many small and large businesses achieve their marketing goals and has reputation for always achieving and exceeding client expectations.

Helping businesses is a passion of Anthonys. He has been helping SMEs with their marketing strategies for over 15 years. He has reguarly offered local businesses advice and guidance and like Tony, became frustrated by the lack of support they receive. 

When Anthony is not helping businesses, in his spare time he enjoys sailing on his boat, going to the gym (he does not enjoy this) and spending time with his family and friends. Anthony is a big foody and loves to dine out whenever he can, exploring culinary delights far and wide.