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Are you using hashtags to extend reach?

11-September-2018 16:49
in General
by Admin

If you’re not already, we strongly advise you to use hashtags when posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Think about how TV programmes such as Big Brother (#BBUK) or Strictly Come Dancing (#Strictly) encourage viewers to engage with them on social media.

When writing your copy, think about the message your putting out there and how you can build popular hashtags into your posts to increase interest, this will lead to an increase in engagements and followers.

We’ve worked with numerous clients who want to increase their followers. Sure, you can pay for likes and follows (by this we mean through paid media campaign to attract real people) you can also hire an influencer to help, but, hashtags are a cost effective way to extend reach.

How many hashtags should you use? 

Instagram, for example, allows up to 30 hashtags at a time! We feel that’s a bit excessive. We’ve seen varying results for different numbers of hashtags. For our own channels we use between 2-5, this sees good engagement rates compared to not using any at all. We’ve trialed and tested many, but results have been similar. As for our clients, the number of hashtags we use does vary and there isn’t a one size fits all.

Search on Google how many hashtags are best and you’ll find people, again, stating different numbers. I’ve even read posts where 20 has worked best!

Our advice, test hashtags – try low and high numbers and see what works. Once you find the number that works best, that’s what you should focus on… BUT, every now and again, revise the number as social media moves quickly. What worked last week, might not work next week.

We’d love to hear how you’re using hashtags and what works for you!

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