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The power of social media

29-August-2018 17:24
in General
by Admin

Most small businesses understand the power of social media. But not all businesses understand how to use it in the best way possible.

To maintain a competitive advantage, small businesses must get to grips with the latest changes and updates that social media platforms implement regularly. However, small businesses already have enough on their plate so staying on top of changes becomes a job in itself.

Here at Interventus, we aim to take this burden off of SMEs, but, we also want to ensure that they’re armed with the right knowledge to tackle this forever changing mind field themselves if they so wish.

We’ve identified some tips and tricks SMEs can adopt themselves right now. But, if you do require support with social media marketing, get in touch for a no obligation chat.

Keep it focused

New channels are forever popping up and we see so many times businesses jumping on the next ‘big’ thing in an attempt to stay ahead of the pack. But this takes time and money and isn't necessary. We also see businesses trying to be everywhere. This is unnecessary and can also be exhausting! It detracts SME owners from actually running their business. Pick one or two channels and focus on doing them well. Play to each platforms strengths and, budgets permitting, invest in paid media to grow your audience and extend reach outside of your existing audience.

Focus on ROI

Engagements, reach, video views etc are all important metrics, but to see actual ROI, focus on lead generation. Most SMEs operate on a local level, so whilst it’s great to build awareness, you need to encourage audiences to take actions. Offer coupons for in-store deals, encourage clicks to website to register interest or provide buy now buttons to purchase directly in social media. Tactics like these will help you to see tangible results and better understand how social media is impacting your business financially. 

Relationships are key to business growth

The likes of Facebook are putting heavy emphasis on Messenger. There are plenty of companies out there (including Interventus) that offer messenger management. More and more, customers are turning to instant chat functions to resolve problems or find out more information. If you have a large customer base or you’ve executed some paid advertising, then Messenger enquiries can become hard to manage! Aside from trying to mange this yourself or employing an agency to do this for you, consider messenger bots. Automatic replies focused on general information can help to streamline this powerful customer service tool, ensuring no customer is left waiting for a response. It will also take the pressure off of your customer service department!

Keep it simple, keep it relevant

Social media is full of businesses trying to be clever. 360 videos, interactive ads, they’re fun, they're creative, but will they help drive ROI? Social media is becoming a place of sensory and information overload. SMEs are competing with big businesses who have the budgets to create interactive content well. At Interventus, we believe in keeping it simple. Add real value to your audience. Give them tips, advice, discounts, content that they want. A slick 3 minute ad starring a local celeb will of course do wonders for building a brand, but consider more simply and cost effective options that drive ROI. If you’re a plumbing company, for example, teach your audience how to bleed a radiator and offer your service off the back of this. If you’re a hairdresser, help your audience understand how to do a French plait, then offer discount coupons for their next hair-cut.